Actor, Director, Voiceover Artist



NASS Talent Management 

Jennie Saks

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: Brunette

Eyes Color: Blue

Location: Southwest Montana



About Me

Professional Stage Performances
Professional Readings and Benefits

Last Chance Play Festival | Pitiful Beautiful Pittance

Jewel (Winner Best Female Actor)    Elizabeth Crase, dir

Verdon Ventures | The Virginia City Brewery Follies 

Lead             Mike Verdon, dir

Port Polson Players| Death by Golf

Ashley            Karen Lewing, dir

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket| Steel Magnolias

Annelle            Justin Cerne, dir.

Bayou Playhouse | Steel Magnolias

Annelle          Perry Martin, dir

States of Play/via Zoom | Sugar Pie

Ida             Rachel Ladutke, prod. 

National Women's Theatre Festival/Occupy 22| Little Egg, Big World

Google              Andrea Unger, dir

Chicago Dramatists/Network Play Festival| The Enchantress of Number

Elizabeth                Claire Bauman, dir

Chicago Dramatists/Network Play Festival| 9066

Dorothy               Claire Bauman, dir

Evergreen Theatre Collective| The Importance of Being Earnest

Miss Prism                  Ryan Mahannah, dir

Speech and Debate | Actors Theatre of New Orleans

Diwata                           Amanda Francis, dir
(Nomination: Best Actress in a Comedy, Marquee Award)

Allways Theatre | La Sirena

Stephanie Reynolds      Dennis Monn, dir

The Ballroom Players | Gruesome Playground Injuries| Benefit Reading

Kayleen                 Carson Becker/Elizabeth Crase, dir

The Ballroom Plays| Five Kinds of Silence| Benefit Reading

Janet                Carson Becker, dir

Edinburgh Festival Fringe | Deepchurch Hollow 

Camille              Laura Smiley, dir

The Ballroom Players| Little Women - The Telegraph | Reading

 Jo March          Susan Dunlap, dir.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe | The Margins

Sanders           Laura Smiley, dir

Shadowbox Theatre, New Orleans | The Clifton Monroe Chronicles

Evelyn/Genevieve.       Andrea Reid, dir.

Tennessee Williams Festival | Steel Magnolias (Reading)

Cutting Edge Productions | Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Meredith           Erin Fernandez, dir

Annelle                Perry Martin, dir.

Southern Repertory Theatre | 6 x 6



Independent Feature| Broke (working title)

Featured                  Carlyle Eubank, dir.


Paramount Network| Yellowstone, Season Four

Andrew Taylor Productions| Etiam 

Co-Star              Stephan Kaye, dir.

Lead                  Andrew Taylor, dir.

Super Channel Heart and Home| Finding Love in Big Sky, MT

Featured             Sandra L. Martin, dir

Johnathan Roberts Productions| Stole My Heart 

Lead                Johnathan Roberts, dir

(no current commercial conflicts)

Micheal DiBlasio, Director | The Videoblogs


Nowhere Man Productions | Grub Hub Year in Review

Featured.                National

Flying Horse Communications | Pureview Health Center Commercial 

Lead                   Montana Local

Above Average | Saturday Night Live Mastercard Commercial 

Lead                     Hulu

Halifax Creative | BankPlus Commerical

Supporting             Regional


Montana Tourism Brewery Tour | Smooth Oversight


Adware Inc | Doritos

Lead            Spec

Adware Inc | Doritos

Featured            Spec


Silvercube UK | Cambridge University Press

Role player                  Live Event


Silvercube UK | Hasbro

Role player                  Live Event

The Motel Staff | I shouldn't be alive 


Earnst and Young | Industrial 

Featured                  Internal 

Educational/Collegiate Theatre

Slippery Rock University | Deepchuch Hollow by Dr. David Skeele

Camille                       Laura Smiley, dir

Children's and Community Theatre

Orphan Girl Theatre | A Gift to Remember

Kelly Berry              Elizabeth Crase, dir

Orphan Girl Theatre | The Miracle Worker

Annie Sullivan               Elizabeth Crase, dir

Slippery Rock University | The Cat

Shelly                            Brave New Plays Festival

Slippery Rock University | Murders

Minka Lupino                  Alex McGee, dir

Slippery Rock University | Inspecting Carol

Zorah Block                     Laura Smiley , dir

Orphan Girl Theatre| Babes in Toyland

Hilda                         Elizabeth Crase, dir

Orphan Girl Theatre| Urinetown the Musical

Little Sally                       Mike Verdon, dir

Orphan Girl Theatre| Same Difference

Various                      Elizabeth Crase dir

Ashtabula Arts Center | I Hate Hamlet

Dierdra                    Bob Kilpatrick, dir

Slippery Rock University | Sexual Perversity In Chicago

Deborah                        Travis Bell , dir

Slippery Rock University | As You Like It

Rosalind                        Laura Smiley , dir

Slippery Rock University | An Evening with Sam Shepard

Lupe                            Gordon Phetteplace , dir

Slippery Rock University | The Margins by Dr. David Skeele

Sanders                          Laura Smiley , dir

Slippery Rock University | After Ashley by Gina Gionfriddo

Julie                              David Skeele , dir

Slippery Rock University | MacBeth

Witch 2                          Laura Smiley , dir

Slippery Rock University | Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Meredith                        Andrea Carlin, dir

SRU Women's Studies | The Vagina Monologues


Special Skills

Impressive horror scream, Running (long distance), Hiking, Actor who can sing (soprano), Stage Manager, House Manager (Off Broadway experience), Valid Driver’s License, Valid Passport, Theatrical Stage Director, Child Wrangler/Coach

Training & Workshops

Slippery Rock University | B.A. Theatre (Acting) 

Independent | Acting for the Camera | Tim True, LA (Zoom)

ESPA | Being on Camera | Anthony Arkin/Amelia Clark


Independent | Vocal Coaching | Frankee Angel 

ESPA | Scene Study | Greg Keller

ESPA | Monologues | Lisa Rothe


Independent | Voiceover Coaching | Glen Holtzer

ESPA | Auditioning | Jack Doulin